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GRAVITY Saddlemaker was founded in 2013 in Santa Cruz, California.

Shamss Bennadja, originally from France, joined Petitpas saddlery (Paris) in 1989 making racing, steeplechase, and exercise saddles. He expanded his skills to jumping, cross-country, and dressage saddles after moving to the south of France in 1992. In 2001, he was recruited by Hermès in Paris.

With the desire to travel, Shamss became a repair contractor for several French saddle brands and traveled across England, Germany, and USA.
Shamss launched his first workshop in Petaluma, CA under the name SPORT SADDLE SERVICE in 2004. The workshop moved to Santa Cruz, CA in 2010.

After decades of listening to riders, Shamss  became passionate about designing saddles that fit both the rider and the horse. The saddle must position the rider comfortably and securely with the horse's center of gravity to maintain balance for both while in motion. He understands each rider has different demands, just as each horse has  different conformation and muscle development. The culmination of that passion, experience, and understanding led to Gravity's first custom saddle in 2013.